House with swimming pool, sea view, Istria, Croatia

  • Code : 00354
  • Location : Vodnjan
  • Building size : 207 m2
  • Lot size : 481 m2
  • Distance from center : 1000 m
  • Distance from sea : 2000 m
  • Distance from airport : 25 km

287.500 €

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  • Number of floors : 2
  • Number of rooms : 3
  • Number of bathrooms : 2
  • Seaview : Yes
  • Parking : Yes
  • Garage : No
  • Basement : No
  • Air conditioner : Yes
  • Elevator : No
  • Heating : Air conditioning
  • Central heating : No
  • Energy efficiency : A+
  • Year of construction : 2015
  • Additional building potential : No

NOTE: We do not answer any possible errors in property descriptions, but we want to be as precise and accurate as possible.


46 E Beautiful house of 207 m2 in excellent location.

The modernly designed skeletal wooden skylight construction is synonymous with long lasting durability and optimal thermal and sound insulation.
These materials, with their specific properties, offer thermal protection of the facility in the winter and summer when protected against overheating and at the same time have a beneficial effect on the environment.
By installing these materials we not only care for residents but also for the environment.
The materials are of purely natural origin and require a relatively small share of input energy values ​​for their production cycle.
The construction of external building elements and materials has been selected to allow for diffuse moisture flow from the premises and to provide very good thermal insulation.
So we can talk about the DOH system - which means a diffusive open house, while at the same time talking about a house that saves energy.

A very important difference between the classical and the prefabricated construction is the fact that the prefabricated house is practically a "dry" house, while in the classical construction due to the construction method there is the moisture you do not see but your body feels.

Good heat insulation of the exterior and interior walls of the prefabricated house can reduce the heating costs in the season by 30-50% compared to the same large house of classical construction.
In rooms where there is not enough amount of daylight, SOLATUBE - tube lighting systems are integrated, for daily light transmission.
Convectors are built into cooling and heating facilities. The system is implemented in combination with a heat pump that streamlines costs.

Wood as a basic building material for prefabricated houses has been proved to be one of the healthiest living. The use of ecologically clean insulating materials and lining creates a pleasant climate in the rooms.